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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Livejournal's Next Top Model?  Livejournal's Next Top Model is the Livejournal version of the popular show America's Next Top Model.  Every week, models submit photoshoots based on an assigned theme.  Based on performance, attitude, and effort the judges decide which models deserve to stay in the competition, and which model should be eliminated.  The winner is the last model left after the final elimination.

What is America's Next Top Model?  America's Next Top Model is a reality tv show/modeling competition started by talk-show host, and retired supermodel Tyra Banks back in 2003.  More information can be found here.

Is this the original Livejournal's Next Top Model Community?  In all honesty, technically it isn't.  There was one that was created before this version.  It had 2 cycles back in 2004.  When I came up with the idea to start LJNTM, I searched Livejournal to make sure there were no other communities like it.  I came across ljsnexttopmodel which was dead, so I thought it was okay to make my own.  Many of the applicants from that community joined LJNTM in cycle's 1 and 2.  After a while, LJNTM was dubbed the original Livejournal's Next Top Model Community.  This is, however, the longest running Livejournal's Next Top Model community on LJ.

Who are the judges?  Currently the judges are minds_been_lost (hostess), likelesliecaron, paigederosa, darkbob, qiulless (hiatus), lola_dark, and brokenhearted42.

Why are there always so many judges?  It makes things easier when it's time to eliminate someone, and it's also nice to hear input and ideas from a wide range of people.

How do I become a judge?  Generally, the current judges invite certain people to be new judges, but occasionally an application may be provided in the community.

Has a judge ever been "fired"?  Yes.

Who are the previous winners?  Paige (c1),  Daniela (c4), Helene (c5), Tanya (c6), Ailsa (c7), Sofia Tati (c8), Lovisa (c9), and Calli (c10).

Why aren't there any photoshoots in ljntmpics for cycles 1, 2, and 3?  Cycle 1 took place several years ago.  All of the pictures were saved at one point, but lost over time.  Cycles 2 and 3 were unfortunately flops.  Cycle 2 had photoshoots, but many of those pictures are lost as well, and the community died after the holidays.  Cycle 3 died before we even made it to the photoshoots.  There were too many drop outs, and my judges weren't supportive enough.

What is ljntmpicsljntmpics is a catalogue of all of the contestants and photoshoots from cycles 4 up to the current cycle, and it shows many of the contestants/applicants from cycles 1, 2, and 3.  It's intended to make it easier to see all of the portfolios for each model as opposed to joinning several different communities.

Where can I find the previous cycles of LJNTM?  the_top_model, the_top_model2, the_top_model3, the_top_model4, the_top_model5, topmodel6, and the permanent home/current cycle is 1topmodel.  Past photoshoots can be found at ljntmpics.

Why are there so many different communities?  A new community was made after each cycle.  The permanent home (1topmodel) was created because LJNTM was losing members by starting from scratch every cycle, and to make it easier to find old cycles.

How do you come up with ideas for photoshoots?  All of the judges usually make a list of photoshoot ideas, combine them together with the other judges to make one large list, and a theme is selected from that list.  Some photoshoots may be saved for a new cycle depending on the performance level of the contestants.  The ideas come from a variety of things ranging from the imagination, to the ever so popular Vogue Magazine.  The are often polls asking viewers for their photoshoot ideas as well.

Have you ever had any actual models enter the competition?  Yes, a couple of the contestants have had modeling experience.

Is there an age limit?  At the moment, we have no age limit.  This community is kid's friendly, and it's extremely rare for us to have a shoot that would be THAT risque.  We would prefer that our contestants under the age of 18 (or whatever the legal age is in your region) to have parental consent before applying, but realistically speaking, that just wouldn't work.  We also voted against having an age limit because we'd never have any proof or age verification other than the person's profile which cannot be considered a credible source.

I do not live in the United States, can I still apply?  Yes.  All are welcomed and encouraged to join no matter where they're from.

I do not have a photographer, can I still apply?  Yes, but it is highly suggested that you atleast purchase a tripod.

How do I become a contestant?  In order to become a contestant you must fill out the application provided in the userinfo.  After an application round lasting roughly about 2 weeks, you will be given a photoshoot to complete.  If the judges like you, you will be announced as one of the contestants.  Usually everyone that applies moves on to the next round.

What's the difference between an applicant and a contestant?  An applicant can apply to the community, but that does not mean they are actually in the competition.  Contestants are chosen from the group of applicants.  A contestant is considered part of the competition, and takes part in the weekly themes.

Do you accept male applicants?  Yes, we accept male applicants.

How long does it take for the community to start?  The amount of time for the applicants round varies.  Sometimes it takes a week to generate enough applicants, and sometimes it takes a month.  Generally, the applicantion round lasts about 2 weeks.  After the application round, the competition has begun.

How long does a cycle last?  Cycle length varies.  Some cycles can range from 2 months to 4 months.  Usually the cycle is over around the 3rd month, but everything depends on how many contestants we have, how often people need extensions, and how many drop outs there are during the cycle.

What are drop outs?  Drop outs are people who apply, but decide not to continue on with the competition without notifying the judges, or for an illegitimate reason.  If a person notifies the judges that they're leaving for a legitimate reason, it's considered a withdrawal. 

If I applied in a previous cycle, can I apply in another cycle?  You may apply again as long as you didn't win a previous cycle.  After your third application, you will no longer be permitted to apply.

Are there any prizes?  Prizes are usually icons, banners, colorbars, and/or giftcards.  More things may be added to the prize package for the winner.  If anything is added, it will be something pertaining to modelling, or something LJ related.  The best prize you could give yourself is a brilliant set of pictures to add to your portfolio if you're serious about modelling.

How much time is given to complete a challenge?  Ususally one week is given for one challenge, and two weeks is given for two challenges and the final challenge.

What's the policy on extensions?  Each contestant is given 3 chances to ask for an extension.  After they use up their last extension, they will not be permitted to ask for anymore throughtout the cycle.  We only suggest asking for extensions in event of a crisis, and they should not be used litely.  The longest extension we'll give in most cases is 3 days. 

How does the poll work?  The poll is created just to get an idea of what the viewers of the competition think of the shoots each week.  The poll DOES NOT count, but it is sometimes considered when the judges are having a difficult decision deciding who should be eliminated.

How do the judges decide who will be eliminated?  Elimination is based upon overall performance.  The judges will vote on their bottom 2, and the 3 names that appear the most are considered for elimination.  There are many times when we don't bother with elimination because we need to see more growth before a final decision is made.  This community is created for fun, but it should also be a learning experience.

Where are files uploaded?  Videos are uploaded on either youtube or putfile, and photos are uploaded to photobucket.

I'd like to make graphics (icons, banners, buttons, videos, colobars, etc), is that ok?  Sure!  We love seeing "fan created" work.  Feel free to post them in the community.

Where should I send any questions, comments, concerns, or ask for suggestions?  Feel free to e-mail us at tm.judges2@gmail.com, and one of the judges will get right back to you.

What is a test shot?  Test shots are pictures that the contestants must send to the judges before the shoot is due in order to get feedback, and find out if they're going in the right direction.

I'm confused. Where are all the entries?  Photoshoot Comment Threads and New Theme threads are kept under member's lock. Examples of a New Theme thread and a Photoshoot Comment Thread. Most other entries are public.

Wait a minute, I thought Sofia won cycle 8.  She did, but she recently asked for her entire portfolio to be removed.  As a result, her status as winner was revoked, and Tati has become the winner in her place.  A winner with no portfolio is absolutely pointless.

Please be mindful that by participating in this competition, your pictures become property of LJNTM.  If you do not want your pictures publicly displayed on ljntmpics are on www.ljntm.com, please do not apply.


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